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"Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent!"

For all those with Open Minds!

An Open Mind by Megan Godtland

An Open Mind by Megan Godtland

Welcome Sioux Falls Free Thinkers!
Welcome Open Minds!

Breaking News!

July 17th South Dakotans Against Prohibition began their petitioning! The South Dakota Secretary of State approved their Marijuana Possession Decriminalization Petition for circulation!

For the latest information go to the SDAP605 website or SDAP605 on Facebook.

The South Dakotans Against Prohibition website was launched to encourage the South Dakota people’s vote to legalize the use and possession of medical cannabis and hemp farms, as well as educate people on the medicinal and economical benefits of cannabis. SDAP members are moving forward with a ballot initiative that will decriminalization possession of 1 ounce or less of marijuana in South Dakota borders.

Sioux Falls Free Thinkers is Home for all those of Free Thought with Open Minds! This group includes Atheists, Agnostics, and Humanists, those interested in science and Scientists, those who love animals and Zoologists, and Feminists and those wanting to help abused women, but all those with open minds are welcome. Free Thinkers are those that want a world without rules and controls on thought, without mental borders and boundaries. A world where anything is possible.

Free Your Mind! There Is No Spoon!
(From the movie, The Matrix)

The one thing the writers of the Freethinker definition seem to have forgotten is the idea of having an Open Mind, the basic concept behind what made Freethinking possible in the first place. We at Sioux Falls Free Thinkers reject this closed-minded rigidity of thought, so, even though we agree with and endorse much of the Freethinking definition, we took the word Freethinking back to its original roots and call ourselves "Free Thinkers" to symbolize Open Minds, Free Thought, and true Free Thinking once again.

Our meetings and social gatherings are posted at Sioux Falls Free Thinkers on Sioux Falls Free Thinkers Upcoming Events can be seen on the Calendar.

Sioux Falls Scientists take on Science Denial at Tomacelli's Pizza, 2309 W 12th St, on Friday, July 31, at 5:30 PM
•The billboards for Sioux Falls Scientists have been up for almost 3 weeks and total page views have doubled over the previous weeks. Not as much as we had hoped but it still seems we must be saying something interesting.
•We'll meet at Tomacelli's Pizza (just West of where we have 6 billboards up) and have some of the best Pizza in Sioux Falls (their garlic bread and Chicken Fettuccine is isn't bad either), share a beer if you want, and discuss some of the latest findings in Science. We've expanded our discussion scope a bit from Evolution and Global Warming to include the History of Science and the History of the Earth, with a little Alien Life thrown in for good measure. We've added 45 new website pages on these subjects in last 5 weeks. Also we can discuss science denial and its causes, vaccinations and medical science, and the huge contribution science has made to everyone's well being, just like it says on the billboards.
•We can also discuss the latest science findings:

  • At CERN (they found the Pentaquark particle, but where is the Dark Matter?). CERN so far has cost over $16 billion. Dark Matter supposedly makes up 80% of the universe. We need to find it soon to get out of the fairy tale physics of superstring theory.
  • The New Horizons probe got pictures of Pluto (another rock). It took the fastest probe we have ever built over 9 years to get there. The New Horizons mission cost $700 million so far, only weights 1,000 pounds, and is traveling at 1/20,000th the speed of light. It would take over 40,000 years to get to the nearest star if it happens to be headed in that direction.
  • And the new $100 million search for alien life initiated by a Russian billionaire and Stephen Hawking. They are going to search 1 million stars for signs of life (radio signals and the like). Don't hold your breath. Time is too big and our slice is too small.

•I'll bring a graphic science denial book, science articles, science magazines, and science billboard images if you haven't seen them all.
•So take time out from other concerns and bring a friend or two. You'll enjoy the intelligent conversation of fellow free thinkers.
•Being a little late is OK. We'll order about 6:30 PM.

Sioux Falls Scientists Billboards going up
July 6th and July 20th!

Sioux Falls Scientists Static Billboards

The Sioux Falls Free Thinkers group will never have any dues. Membership is not required to attend our meetings. This group will probably never have any formal rules except treating other members and their opinions with respect, and giving everyone equal time to speak. This group will never purge members for expressing their opinions or for forming their own group of open-minded people. The only loose requirement is that members, and those attending our meetings, have an interest in one of the subjects of our five websites.

Our "slogan" above comes from the following quote:
Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent!

But above all Be Your Own Heroine, Be Your Own Hero. You achieve nothing for yourself by living vicariously off the skills and achievements of others. It's What You Do That Matters. Cheer and applaud your own skills and achievements and be proud of them, Be Proud of Who You Are and What You Do.

Don't Just Think You Are Right, Know You Are. Don't hesitate, don't be unsure, don't let others doubts cloud your judgment, your power of reason. Others will constantly try to manipulate you, control you, dominate you, intimidate you, tell you that you must do this or can't do that, Ignore Them! Your mind, your own thoughts are the only thing you can be sure of, trust your thoughts instead of theirs.

Your mind, your conscious mind is the most powerful tool ever evolved.
Trust it, act on what it tells you. Be positive! If you think you're right
Then Know you're right and Follow What You Think is the best course.
Break Free! There Is No Spoon!

We look forward to seeing you at one or more of our events and meetings!

We have member websites for Atheists, Agnostics, and Humanists, for those interested in science and Scientists, for those who love animals and Zoologists, and for Feminists; for those who wish to help abused women, and for abused women themselves. Check out these other websites at Member Websites.

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Welcome Sioux Falls Free Thinkers!
Welcome Open Minds!