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April 2015 Newsletter #041
Four weeks of April report.

In April we had 6 meetings. Three at the Golden Bowl Chinese Restaurant, and three in the Conference Room at the Main Public Library. At these meetings we discussed many science subjects and the Anti-Domestic Abuse Initiative billboard campaign which launched March 2th. Meetings were lightly attended but the interesting conversations made up for that.

At the meetings in the Conference Room at the Main Public Library we showed 6 Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence films. These are all educational films. This month we showed: It's Not Always Happy at My House, The Healing Years, Common Threads, and End It Now! We discussed the films and also any other subjects people attending wanted to discuss which usually included the latest science news.

We had a total of 17 films. We finished showing all of them. Abuse and Violence against women and children is at epidemic proportions in America. In America every 15 seconds a women is domestically abused, every 45 seconds a women is raped. That is why we sponsored an Anti-Domestic Abuse Initiative starting on March 2nd and lasting for 8 weeks. All 34 panels to be used in this initiative are below:

Child Abuse Billboard: Child Abuse Billboard for National Child Abuse Prevention Month this April

Domestic Abuse Billboards: Premium Digital Anti-Domestic Abuse Billboard on West 12th Street heading up the Anti-Domestic Abuse Initiative

Domestic Abuse Billboards: Sioux Falls Feminists Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence Static and Digital Billboards scheduled for 2015 on South Cliff Avenue

This initiative was a major event for the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers/Sioux Falls Feminists, and for Sioux Falls residents, with 34 billboard panels on 19 billboards starting on March 2nd for 8 weeks. You can see the billboard designs we used individually at Full Set of Sioux Falls Feminists Domestic Violence Billboards .

The Anti-Domestic Abuse Initiative more than
doubled the traffic to the Sioux Falls Feminists website!

Total visitors to Sioux Fall Feminists were 1,025 for January and February combined. Total visitors were up to 1,073 for March alone, but fell back down to 533 for April. We had 64 visits to the "Where To Get Help" page for January and February combined. But then we had 154 visits to the "Where To Get Help" page for March and April combined. People were looking. We hope they found the kind of help they wanted.

We had only two negative reactions to this campaign. One from a woman who didn't want her children to see the wording and one rant from a known pedophile. Free speech prevailed.

We now have 99 members and about the same number of non-members on our mailing list.

The websites are still being updated almost daily with news articles. Currently there 636 website pages with 1,523 news articles, 208 movie and course descriptions, and 149 book descriptions.

So far we've had 11,239 unique visitors to the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers website and roughly the same number go on to visit at least one of our other websites. Over 140,000 pages across all websites have been viewed. See the Free Thinkers Website Performance chart at Unique Visitor Chart . It will always be the latest chart. Our unique visitor growth indicates a continued interest in all Sioux Falls Free Thinkers websites; Free Thinkers, Atheists, Scientists, Zoologists, and Feminists.

We're also maintaining a Member Websites News Links page. This page has links to all the latest news, statistics and major information pages on all our websites. Putting this one page link in your Internet favorites will give you quick access to all the latest news about Sioux Falls Free Thinkers, Atheism, Humanism, Evolution Science, Global Warming, Climate Change, Animal Intelligence, Feminism, Women's Rights, Women's Equality, the continued Abuse of Women, and where women can get help to stop domestic abuse and domestic violence. All the links are there on one page. The page makes keeping up to date with the Free Thinkers community pretty easy.

Also as a convenience for website visitors we added a Latest News All Websites page (news from the last 7 days) and a Latest Pages All Websites page. Just making it all the easily to keep up to date on the latest news and other new information on the websites.

We also added Total Page Views counters for all 636 of our website pages. (Whew, that was a job!) These are the Total Page Views going back to the very first day the websites went up. Visitors can now see the interest level people have had over time for all the different pages. There are some bugs in the counter totals yet, but we'll work work those out over the next couple of weeks.

Our next big billboard project will be the billboards going up, starting on May 11th, advertising the drawings for 6 paintings at our Free Thinkers booth at the Pride Festival on June 20th from Noon to 7 PM in Terrace Park. We'll also have drawings for 12 movies and 24 books. It's going to be fun so stop by and check us out and get in on a drawing or two.

Sioux Falls Free Thinkers
April 2015 Newsletter #041
Four weeks of April report.