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Sioux Falls Free Thinkers
Will Be Hosting a Booth at the
Sioux Falls Pride Festival

The Pride Festival will be on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 from Noon to 7 PM at Terrace Park, 1100 W 4th St, Sioux Falls. We will be having 6 FREE drawings for 6 paintings by local professional artists; True Colors and Feminists by Sandra Jeanne, Liberations by Molly Freyn, Feminist by Solomon Carlson, and Integrated Woman and Omnipotent by Jessi Jean. Also 12 FREE drawings for 12 Fish Out of Water DVDs, 12 FREE drawings for 12 How to Fake a Moon Landing Books, and 12 FREE drawings for 12 10th Anniversary Edition And Tango Makes Three Books. The movie and books all make extensive use of graphic images and can easily be understood by middle-aged children. Each visitor can select one drawing for an artwork and one drawing for a movie or book.

All these items are displayed below. The DVD and books can be reviewed at our Sioux Falls Atheist and Sioux Falls Scientists websites at the Fish Out of Water , How to Fake a Moon Landing , and And Tango Makes Three website pages and their links to

The paintings will all be advertised in Sioux Falls on 1 digital and 12 static billboards starting May 11th and lasting through June 21st on South Cliff Ave, Minnesota Ave, and West 12th Street (starting on West 12th on May 25th).

The three different billboards are below. The same designs are used for both the Digital and Static billboards.

True Colors and Feminists Paintings by Sandra Jeanne

Liberations Painting by Molly Freyn and Feminist Painting by Solomon Carlson

Integrated Woman and Omnipotent Paintings by Jessi Jean

The Movie and the Two Books are shown below. Full descriptions for them are at the locations listed above.

Fish Out of Water Movie and How to Fake a Moon Landing Book

And Tango Makes Two Book

At the booth we will also have Sioux Falls Free Thinkers Flyers, Sioux Falls Feminists Flyers, and Bumper Stickers and Business Cards for all our groups;
Sioux Falls Free Thinkers, Sioux Falls Atheists, Sioux Falls Scientists, Sioux Falls Zoologists, and Sioux Falls Feminists.

Who could ask for more!

Expand your summer activities to include an exciting day at the Sioux Falls Pride Festival. Fun for the entire family.