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Sioux Falls Free Thinkers
February 2014 Newsletter #005
For February here are the facts through the 16th.

In February at least one meetup is planned for every weekend. On February 8th we had a lively discussion of Agnosticism versus Atheism. By popular demand we'll be returning to this subject early in March. On February 15th we had a equally lively discussion on Animal Intelligence, but other subjects ran far and wide. On February 21st we will have a meetup of Sioux Falls Feminists which will include representatives from The Compass Center and The Children's Inn, and hopefully an independent therapist or counselor, that will focus on helping abused women and children. On February 22nd we'll have a showing of "The Experiment" at a member's residence. This is the 2001 German movie that is based on the book "The Lucifer Effect" (the Stanford Prison experiment) by Phillip Zimbardo. It's an intense cinematic experience. On February 28th we'll have a Friday evening meetup and we plan to switch them back and forth between Friday and Saturday from then on.

We've got 31 members and 17 non-member meeting attendees. This is a return of 2.6% on unique visitors. In the business of website advertising 2-2.5% return is considered good, anything above 3% is considered exceptional.

All our websites are top ranked in the search engines. We currently have 140 first page positions for our websites out of 300 possible positions given related search terms. These are not paid for positions. They are based on the relevance of the websites to the search terms being used. This is exceptional for websites that are only 6-7 weeks old.

The websites are being updated almost daily with new news articles, and movie, course, and book descriptions. Currently there are 245 website pages with over 480 news articles, over 145 movie and course descriptions, and over 95 book descriptions, not to mention a lot of other information related to the subject matter of the websites. Another 30 movie descriptions are currently being added, and another 6 more books thanks to our members.

So far we've had:
1853 unique visitors to the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers website.
360 unique visitors to the Sioux Falls Atheists website.
306 unique visitors to the Sioux Falls Feminists website.
187 unique visitors to the Sioux Falls Scientists website.
176 unique visitors to the Sioux Falls Zoologists website.
See the attached chart showing unique visitor growth. As the advertising shuts down the unique visitor growth should fall off and that's exactly what's happening.
Almost all of the visitors to the unadvertised websites above come from links on the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers website.

Three or four of our billboards will drop off each week during the month, with most gone by the end of February.
The 1/4 page ad in the Argus Leader and the rotating online ad on the Argus Leader website will be running through February 23rd.
The ads on Fox KTTW (Fox 7) for Sioux Falls Feminists will also run through February 23rd. The ads are also on all our websites.

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Sioux Falls Free Thinkers
February 2014 Newsletter #005
For February here are the facts through the 16th.