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Sioux Falls Free Thinkers
June 2014 Newsletter #027
Fourth week of June report.

On June 28th we had our second true restaurant meeting of Sioux Falls Free Thinkers at the Lone Star Steakhouse on 41st street. Only four people showed up but we all had a good time discussing backgrounds, atheism, and the government.

We now have 50 members and 58 non-members on our mailing list.

At the Sioux Falls Pride event we gave away 4 original "Pride" artworks in 4 drawings (displayed on the Sioux Falls Pride Paintings page). We also "entertained" at least 200 visitors, handed out flyers and business cards, and explained our purpose and promoted Open-Minded Free Thinking. We seem to be well received. The only thing not working was the air-conditioning.

The websites are still being updated almost daily with new news articles. Currently there 511 website pages with 728 news articles, 202 movie and course descriptions, and 141 book descriptions.

So far we've had 4,241 unique visitors to the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers website.
See the latest Free Thinkers Website Performance chart at Unique Visitor Chart . It will always be the latest chart. Our unique visitor growth so far is indicating a strong interest in all Sioux Falls Free Thinkers websites; Atheists, Scientists, Zoologists, Feminists, and Free Thinkers itself because of our Spring Publicity Campaign. As advertisements first went up for another website each week you can see the obvious leaps in unique visitors for those websites. Our advertising is basically all taken down now, and unique visitor levels have fallen back to normal.

We have now reached over 10,000 unique visitors in total across all websites. But because unique visitors often go to more than one website they are often double or triple counted or more. But since over 4,000 unique visitors have visited the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers website it's safe to say we've had over 4,000 unique visitors and maybe closer to 5,000.

But only about 20 percent of unique visitors look at more than 2 pages. About 80 percent of visitors look at one or maybe two pages, decide this is not interesting to them, not what they were expecting or looking for, and leave, most not to return (until maybe the next publicity campaign).

Since we've have over 42,000 pages viewed across all websites, and 80 percent of unique visitors look at 2 pages only, that means the remaining 20 percent of the unique visitors must have looked at more than 25,000 pages or about 12.5 pages for each visitor on the average. Using the website server logs we can get a pretty good idea of the average number of pages viewed by each unique visitor that visits more than 2 pages (interested visitors). It works out to:
Sioux Falls Free Thinkers = 8 pages average per interested visitor, 830 visitors
Sioux Falls Atheists = 13 pages average per interested visitor, 360 visitors
Sioux Falls Feminists = 16 pages average per interested visitor, 340 visitors
Sioux Falls Scientists = 14 pages average per interested visitor, 270 visitors
Sioux Falls Zoologists = 19 pages average per interested visitor, 270 visitors

That amounts to about 1,000-1,100 people reading (or learning) a lot of information about the subjects on our websites. These people are all potential future members of one sort or another. I think that's very encouraging for the future of these Open-Minded Free Thinking groups that we're creating.

What's next? We're launching an Art Contest On July 1st with $5,500 in prize money. See the details on the Free Thinkers Art Contest page on all our websites.

Sioux Falls Free Thinkers
June 2014 Newsletter #027
Fourth week of June report.