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Sioux Falls Free Thinkers endorse How Did It Really Happen?
for revealing the most likely truth behind many mysteries.

How Did It Really Happen?
Decide What You Believe
About History's Intriguing Mysteries

How Did It Really Happen? by Editors of Reader's Digest
(2000) - 352 pages
How Did It Really Happen? at

From the beginning of time, the mystery and drama surrounding historic events and famous people - and the facts that let you decide for yourself what to believe.

  • Conspiracy, or case closed?
    • Why do so many doubts remain about the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK? Did Marylyn Monroe really commit suicide? What happened to TWA Flight 800?
  • Superstars of Antiquity
    • How did Caesar and Cleopatra really die? Why was Constantine the Great so great? What happened between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon?
  • Myths, or Flesh-and-Blood?
    • Are Robin Hood, Lady Godiva, and King Arthur merely the stuff of legend, or did they live and breathe?
  • Timeless Questions
    • How did the universe begin? What happened to the dinosaurs? Who were the first humans?
  • Mysteries for the Millennium
    • Will we ever travel to other planets? Is there intelligent life out there? How will the earth end?


  • The Dawn Of Time
    • Life's beginnings still hold their mysteries, yet we inch closer to answering the timeless questions. How was the universe formed? How did our planet get its moon? What do we know of the first humans and their evolution? How did we learn to write and count?
  • The Ancient World
    • Little more than ruins and a few surviving manuscripts tell us what was true in ancient times, and much of what happened is shrouded by myth. Who erected Stonehenge? Who wrote the Bible? How did Rome come to build an empire? And did Troy even exist?
  • The Middle Ages
    • With the civilized world emerging, larger-than-life men and women made their marks. But what do know about them--about Marco Polo or St. Patrick? About Genghis Khan or Joan of Arc? About the legendary figures of Robin Hood, King Arthur, and William Tell?
  • The Early Modern Age
    • Recovering from the battles and plagues of the Middle Ages, humanity struck out to explore the world, both in ships and with new ideas. But did Columbus really discover America? Was Shakespeare truly the author of his plays? And what kind of man was George Washington?
  • The Late Modern Age
    • In the hundred years that began in the mid-19th century, some of what was once clear has become clouded. What was behind the attack on the Lusitania? Did the U.S. know of the bombing of Pearl Harbor in advance? And are we sure Hillary was the first to conquer Everest?
  • The Age Of Conspiracies
    • Today we can communicate instantaneously-- a boon to civilization but also to the conspiratorially-minded. Is the case closed in the assassinations of JFK, his brother Robert, and Martin Luther King, Jr? What of Marilyn Monroe's suicide? And of the crash of TWA Fight 800?
  • Mysteries For The Millennium
    • As much as we know, much more remains mysterious. Will we ever travel to other planets? Are there other intelligent beings out there? Will the computer make the printed word obsolete? Far in the future, are we more likely to dwell in a utopia or an age of darkness?

Unravel history's most puzzling mysteries in this beautifully illustrated and meticulously researched book. Why did the 'unsinkable' Titanic go down so quickly? Did the famous Hope diamond really bring a curse on its owners or were the afflictions of murder, suicide, financial ruin and drug addiction that befell them a mere coincidence? And is the Turin Shroud really the burial cloth that Jesus' body was wrapped in following the Crucifixion? This book presents you with page after page of newly revealed evidence, provocative theories from the experts and 'see-for-yourself' photos and illustrations. From ancient puzzles to modern-day conspiracy theories, we give the commonly accepted 'official' view and then present you with all the overlooked clues, the latest evidence and new insights so that you can decide for yourself the real truth of each extraordinary story. You'll discover amazing new facts, see age-old myths shattered before your eyes and learn to pick out the red herrings from the real things. How Did It Really Happen? will change the way you think about history's strangest mysteries forever.

How Did It Really Happen?
Decide What You Believe
About History's Intriguing Mysteries

Sioux Falls Free Thinkers endorse How Did It Really Happen?
for revealing the most likely truth behind many mysteries.