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A Horror Novel's Food For Thought
By Jack McDevitt's fictional horror novelist Vicky Green
from his book "The Devil's Eye."

Love You to Death

  1. The mind is a private room, fully furnished with a brain, that may or may not be functional; with passions, ideology, superstitions, and delusions. And a given level of decency. It is a point of view, a perspective, a coming together of everything that makes us human. It is who we are. Once let someone else in, and we are never the same.
  2. The storage area occupied a cramped space above the concert hall. It didn’t hold much. A few old instruments, some costumes, some electrical gear. Certainly nothing to be concerned about. Furthermore, it was securely locked and no one could have gotten into it without Janice’s knowledge. Therefore, when she started hearing sounds, knockings, sighs, and heavy breathing, coming from behind that locked door, she would have been prudent to get out of the house. To call the police. But then there’d be no story.
  3. Yes, Colton. It is quite true that we enjoy the sun, that it illuminates our lives, and serves as a metaphor for all that is good. But the reality is that we love the night. It is where all women are beautiful, where the imagination has free rein, where plots are hatched and terrible things happen. And we would have it no other way.
  4. We’re adrift in an ocean of the mind. Our lives consist primarily of navigating through shoals and storms, enjoying the experiences of a thousand ports, putting landing parties ashore on strange islands, taking visitors aboard, and dropping anchor occasionally to bask in the sunlight. The destination is of no consequence.
  5. There's no such thing as the supernatural. Everything, by definition, is natural. But you have to find out what the rules are.
  6. “Dr. Ventnor, every door opens into another room, or another corridor. There are no windows. No exit. How do we get out?”
    “You’re wrong, Howie. There is a way out. McComber made that quite clear.”
    “But McComber’s body is in the dining room. He never got out himself.”
    “Yes, I know. I wish I had an easy explanation for that.”
  7. There are times when you must stand in the night with no place to put your feet.
  8. No garden is complete, my dear, without a snake.
  9. It was not, finally, the appearance of the thing striding out of the surf toward us, but the bloodred moon that seared my soul.
  10. Sometimes life is like the sea. You are alone at the edge, trying to hold back the tide. You anchor your feet and you scream against it, but it does not matter. It surges around you. The sand sinks beneath your feet. It will have its way despite all your efforts. They are as nothing, and you are easily swept aside.
  11. I am not truly lost as long as someone, somewhere, can hear my voice.

Love You to Death

A Horror Novel's Food For Thought