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A Horror Novel's Food For Thought
By Jack McDevitt's fictional horror novelist Vicky Green
from his book "The Devil's Eye."


  1. Trust your instincts, Shiel. In the end, it’s all you’ve got.
  2. The notion that earth and sea are solid is an illusion. It is a trick played upon us by our monkey brains. In reality it’s not like that at all. This sofa here, for example, is mostly empty space. Ninety-nine percent empty space. So I say to you now and forever, we are fortunate that we do not know the real world. Were we to confront the world as it actually is, we would have nowhere to sit.
  3. For each of us, my dear, there comes a time when one must go into the haunted house.
  4. In the end, everything is politics.
  5. Praying will not help, Ormond. Someone needs to do something.
  6. The house was closing in on us. Doors were slamming, windows were shutting. “Get out,” she said. “While you can.”
    “But, Ilena,” I cried, “there is no way.”
    “Find one. Or make one.”
  7. Whatever happens from this moment on, Holly, remember that I was here when you needed me.


A Horror Novel's Food For Thought