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American (and other) War Crimes Movies

A nice thing about cinema in European countries is that
they have no problem exposing America's many war crimes.

The Eagle: Episodes 15 & 16: Ceres 1 & 2 (2005) - 60 minutes
The Eagle: Episodes 15 & 16: Ceres 1 & 2 at

After an initial misinterpretation of intelligence warnings, the Danish police are still looking for an international terrorist called the Dane. Hallgrim's team searches for a suspected suicide bomber who may be planning an attack at the wedding of an Iraqi professor's daughter in Copenhagen. Hallgrim and his team try to stop a terrorist known as "The White Prince of Denmark" and Amina, a convicted criminal, from detonating a bomb on a school bus.

(Webmaster's comment:
A CIA operative is on a killing rampage against
any and all Arabs in Denmark.)

The Eagle: Episodes 21 & 22: Minos 1 & 2 (2006) - 60 minutes
The Eagle: Episodes 21 & 22: Minos 1 & 2 at

Hallgrim plans an Icelandic holiday, but a text message from war criminal and former Police Chief Bosco Markovich gets in the way. While in Iceland, Hallgrim discovers that one of the regular summits between the Russian and American mafias is taking place. A meeting in Germany between a former Serbian police chief and the only surviving witness to his part in a massacre goes wrong for one member of Hallgrim's team. German intelligence finds out that the former Serbian police chief Bosco is involved in international black market trade with advanced electronics equipment. Despite death threats against her, Thea does not cancel the Serbian minister's visit.

(Webmaster's comment:
A Serbian war criminal is brought to justice by Denmark.)

Innocently Convicted: First Season: Episode 5 (2008) - 45 minutes
Innocently Convicted: First Season: Episode 5 at

The team believes a bank-robber didn't get a fair trail. For he supposedly killed a policeman whilst being chased.

(Webmaster's comment:
A wrongfully convicted man is freed, but then kidnapped
by the CIA and sent to Guantanamo.)

The Killing: Season 2 (2009) - 550 minutes
The Killing: Season 2 at

Following on from the BAFTA award-winning The Killing; It's been two years since detective Sarah Lund (Sofie Grabol) was stripped of her investigative role and transferred to a low-key job in the country; but when the body of a female lawyer is found murdered in macabre and puzzling circumstances, Lund's former boss Lennart Brix calls her back to assist with the investigation. Initially reluctant, Lund soon changes her mind as she becomes engrossed with the case. As the police grapple with what few clues they possess, newly appointed Minister for Justice Thomas Buch (Nicholas Bro) strives to oversee some intricate political negotiations between parliamentary parties over the introduction of a series of controversial new anti-terrorism laws. Meanwhile, army Squad leader Jens Raben awaits release from the psychiatric ward after a nervous breakdown following his deployment.

(Webmaster's comment:
The Danish military covers up a military officer's murder of civilians.)

Borgen Season 1: Episode 4: A Hundred Days (2010) - 60 minutes
Borgen Season 1: Episode 4: A Hundred Days at

The revelation of an American prisoner transport in Greenland causes scandal upon the new government's first one hundred days in office.

(Webmaster's comment:
The CIA tries to hide its use of other country's
airports to transport terrorist "suspects.")

Borgen Season 1: Episode 6: State Visit (2010) - 60 minutes
Borgen Season 1: Episode 6: State Visit at

An official visit by the president of a former Soviet republic makes headlines when the president demands the arrest of a prominent political activist visiting Denmark at the same time.

(Webmaster's comment:
A third world "Democratic" state tries to cover up its
use of terror against those who oppose its "democracy.")

Varg Veum: At Night All Wolves Are Grey (2011) - 90 minutes
Varg Veum: At Night All Wolves Are Grey at

Private detective Varg Veum investigates a case where his good friend Evans, a highly decorated ex-army officer, is falsely accused of bombing armakon, a weapons storage facility, and to prove him innocent.

(Webmaster's comment:
A Norwegian company tries to hide its manufacturing
of cluster bombs that are banned by most nations,
but not by the United States.)

Arne Dahl: Episodes 3 & 4: Bad Blood (2012) - 180 minutes
Arne Dahl: Episodes 3 & 4: Bad Blood at

An American serial killer boards a plane from New York to Stockholm and after he lands in Sweden he starts a killing spree. The A Unit works in collaboration with the FBI in a desperate attempt to catch him. The A Unit continues to hunt for the Kentucky Killer, the infamous American serial killer now on the loose in Sweden. The FBI is called in to help with the investigation. An American serial killer is on board a plane from New York to Stockholm. Without a proper identification and with great urgency A-group try to locate this passenger before Sweden inadvertently imports it's first American serial killer. The serial killer enters Sweden, and very soon he begins his killing spree. His methods are blood thirsty and can be traced back to the Vietnam War. A collaboration with the FBI begins in an desperate attempt to catch him.

(Webmaster's comment:
A CIA operative tortures and kills many innocents to try
and coverup America's use of torture in the Middle Eastern wars.)

American (and other) War Crimes Movies